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Ancr - Find Wax

Anybody who likes to camp out in the wilderness can tell you - it gets really dark out there! In an off-grid lifestyle without electricity, candlelight not only lights the way, but is warm and comforting. It all starts with beeswax. In an extreme off-grid lifestyle, when you can't depend on craft stores, you can hunt down the beehive or learn beekeeping. Then, you remove the honey and filter the wax. Finally, you can make candles.

Candle Making

Cleaning & Filtering the Wax

Finding the Wax - Bee Lining

Click on the videos below to learn how to find wax, filter wax & make candles.
Craft of Bee Hunting- Short Version
Bee Lining & Bee Hunting: Introduction
Finding a Wild Colony of Honey Bees
Cleaning, Melting & Filtering Beeswax

Making Candles

Make Perfect Dipped Beeswax Candles
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