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Off-Grid Living
Follow Maxine as she explores extreme off-grid living. 
Our 70 year old electric infrastructure is barely keeping together. In the near future, the grid will go down more often. This has already happened several times in Europe. Whether from deterioration, the schemes of a madman or from a solar flare, it will happen. The grid will go down, maybe for years.
Are you ready to live for years without electricity? 

Off-Grid Living

Alternative Energy

Solar, Wind, Wave, Water...

Alternative Medicine

Health and Healing the Natural Way

Food Production

Gardening, Livestock, Permaculture

Off-Grid Kitchen & Cooking

Hand Cranked Appliances,
Plastic Free Kitchens,
Healthy Cooking Techniques,

Stretching the Budget

Fascinating Stuff by Topic
While researching for their Epic Novel, the writing team at Mountain Realm found the very best videos on all kinds of Fascinating Stuff. Let's face it, there are literally millions of videos out there, but a few are just absolutely amazing. They sifted through a bunch of them for years while writing the novel and wanted to share the very best videos with you. 
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