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Up on the mountain, a group of Permaculture enthusiasts are living sustainably on an organic farm. The enterprising owner, Bob White, has turned his farm into a small conference center which he rents out for weddings, conventions and yoga retreats. The lodge is built around an old water tower and looks like a castle. He also has a campground on site. Bob and his people are The Permies.

We will be posting individual bios for the Permies here. Stay tuned!


Once a year a group of medieval reenactors rent the entire facility to hold their annual event, Battles for the Realm. Various competitions are held in medieval arts, riding, archery and of course, sword fighting. Their game is based on a small Eastern European country called Moldavia. Can The Realmers survive?

We will be posting individual bios for the Realmers here. Stay tuned!


Elsewhere on the mountain, a group of survivalists retreat to their compound. They've watched every single episode of Apocalyptic Preppers so they have guns, ammo, and even a cannon. Their stored food will feed their families for an entire year, but there's more to them than meets the eye. The Preppers are also Mountain Man reenactors and know how to build log cabins, work with leather, make clothes, carve wood, tan hides and trap.  They can live exactly as people did in the 1800's and that is exactly what they plan to do. Power out? Doesn't bother them a bit.

We will be posting individual bios for the Preppers here. Stay tuned!


One of the women on the mountain was raised on a ranch in Texas. When her father, the ranch owner, realizes that she is stuck up there on a mountain in New Mexico he does the only thing he can do. He sends The Cowboys with a herd of cattle so his family can survive the winter. Head 'em up and move 'em out. Let the cattle drive begin!

We will be posting individual bios for the Cowboys here. Stay tuned!

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