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Mountain Realm

Epic Adventure Sparked by the Sun

Summary of the Novel

A group of medieval reenactors meet on a mountain for a campout in New Mexico. They transform their camp into a medieval village. Lords and ladies wear medieval costumes and everyone sleeps in medieval style tents.  There are contests for sword fighting, archery and ancient arts. There are even full scale battle scenarios. This is a history geek paradise!

One night, the sky is lit up with streaks of green and red light. It looks like the aurora borealis, but it is too far south. Eventually they realize that their cell phones are completely black, the power is out in the campground buildings and even their vehicles don't work. They are stuck on the mountain with no way to get home. Now they must use their medieval skills to survive.

They are The Realmers.

But they are not the only group on the mountain.

Their campground is also a small farm owned by a permaculture enthusiast who practices sustainable living. He and his staff are highly skilled horticulturalists living off grid in solar powered houses called Earthships. They run their farm using the latest organic gardening methods. Their sustainable gardens, food forest and aguaponic growing methods are cutting edge.

They are The Permies.

One of the ladies stuck on the mountain is from a Texas ranch family. Her father on the ranch is a wise old man. He taught her about a solar flare that took place in 1859. It was called the Carrington event.  

The wise old rancher sends a group of young men and 500 head of cattle to the mountain. Let the cattle drive begin!

They are The Cowboys.

Higher on the mountain and over the next ridge, a group of survivalists retreat to their compound. They watched all the episodes of Apocalpse Preppers and all the videos from the Suvivalist Guy. They are also Mountain Man reenactors and have some serious skills. They are all set with Beans, Bullets and Bandages, but they forgot the most important thing of all. 

They are The Preppers.

The book is set in Texas and New Mexico. The real life town of Cimarron is pivotal. One of the families stay in a haunted hotel called the St. James. This is a real life hotel where many a gunslinger lost his life. It is decorated in the old Victorian style and has a real western saloon. 

Up on the mountain is a beautiful lake full of fish, but there is some trouble with the local fishermen who want all the fishing rights and are willing to fight for their lake. This is also an actual place where many episodes of the real life TV show, Longmire, was filmed. And yes, we do our duty and include Philmont Scout Ranch which is in the area. You may be familiar with that amazing place.

Some have asked if there will be a book two and three. Well, we definitely have outlines for a trilogy if the first book does well.

WE ADMIT IT. Basically, we took a bunch of subjects that just Fascinate us and wrote an epic adventure. Whether you're a prepper, a permaculture enthusiast, a history geek or a western fan, you will love this book. If you enjoy disaster books, a little romance or epic adventures, this book is for you. We are self-publishing on Amazon the summer of 2017. Meanwhile, check out our "Fascinating Stuff" Newsletter so we can keep you updated.    - Dave & Maxine Raven
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