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Get Ready

Because there is a fan... and we all know what hits it!

Ancr - Life Hacks
Certain TV shows feature stupid-crazy preppers dressed in camouflage, building fortresses out of shipping containers & collecting large numbers of automatic weapons. We're not into that, but they do make some good points occasionally.
This planet is becoming more and more unstable and that's a fact. Superstorms, earthquakes, even an EMP attack on our grid could disrupt our lives in unthinkable ways. Sensible people know that bad stuff really does happen and having food and water stored away is smart and natural - ask anyone who grew up on a farm. Extra batteries, flashlights and a way to start a cooking fire are all important, too.  
There's a whole lot to readiness, but don't get overwhelmed. Start with the video gallery below. We have searched the Internet and selected only the best videos to get you started. I can tell you, there is a certain peace when you know you are ready and that is well worth exploring.

Because there is a fan... and we all know what hits it. Get it and get ready.
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