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Canning Food

Back in 1913, the first refrigerators for home use were invented. Before that, families could buy canned food at a store, but canning their own food was more economical so it was very common.  21st Century methods are so precise that it is hard to get it wrong. Follow directions carefully and you will do fine.
In an Extreme Off-Grid Lifestyle, there is no electricity, so learning how to can food before going off-grid is important. Of course, canning will also be fun right here, right now. Maybe you make a wonderful mushroom soup. It would be so nice to have some in the pantry, right? Decorate the jar and you'll have a lovely present to give. 
Click on the videos below for tips on canning food.
Canning 101 Starts Here
Complete Home Canning Basics for Beginners
Preserving Food
Using a Pressure Canner
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