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Electric Prepping

learn to charge your devices in an extreme off-grid situation

How do we cope when our aging grid isn't as dependable as it used to be? What if there is an earthquake, flood or hurricane? How do we charge a cell phone, tablet or other device?
It is important to remember that in an extreme emergency cell towers may be down so communications may be impossible for a while anyway. Likewise, if the Internet is down you won't be able to access websites. However, cell phones can still be useful as lights and certain apps may still work.
Learn how to charge a cell phone using a special back pack or a pan that boils water. Wouldn't hurt to pick up one of these amazing items on Amazon. 
How Charge Your Cell Phone with FIRE!
How to Charge Your Phone with An Onion and Electrolytes
9 Best Solar Backpacks 2016
Click on the videos below for amazing ideas for charging your cell phone in an extreme off-grid situation. 
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