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Sword Fighting is a martial art - the art of killing with a dangerous weapon! It is also the art of defending yourself and we recommend that everybody know how to do that.
If you really want to learn to sword fight, it is important to find someone who can teach you the proper techniques. Sword fighting is not just about clashing swords. Entire manuals were created in the Medieval age outlining how to defend yourself against any kind of attack coming from various directions. It's about movement, timing, blocking and yes, landing a good hit on your opponent. 
You may ask, "Why would I want to learn how to sword fight when there are plenty of guns around?
Sword fighting or really any martial art builds confidence and is a fun way to get in shape or stay in shape. My name is Maxine. When I began to sword fight, I was the least likely candidate. A woman in my mid forties, overweight and not in very good shape but I did it anyway. The reenactors around me were supportive, patient and generous with their time and advice.
Eventually, I created a mild workout to help me do better at sword fighting because I loved it so! Looking forward to competing once a month really motivated me to workout every day. My confidence grew, not only in the fighting ring, but in everyday life. Sword fighting is great fun and actually reminds me of dance. The movement, the improvisation, how each bout is different because the opponent has their unique style, too. 
The point is, if an overweight woman in her forties can learn to sword fight, you can too. You may even learn to love it the way that I did.
We have searched the internet to find the best videos on sword fighting, check them out below.
Plus, find more good reasons to learn sword fighting at the bottom of the page. 

Sword Fighting

Ancr - Sword Fighting

Basic Sword Technique

Sword Fighting Lesson
Learn Sword Fighting 1: Basic Attack

Build Confidence  & Get in Shape!

Sword & Shield Technique

Sword & Shield Fighting with
Roland Warzecha
SCA Shield Technique:
Basic Manipulations

Transfer those Skills to a  Cane or Stick

The second reason you my want to learn to sword fight is self defense in everyday life. Many public gatherings, theaters and venues do not allow guns but they do allow people to enter with a simple walking cane which can be used very effectively when you know what you are doing. Of course a cane, even used with great skill, is no match for a bullet, but if someone physically attacks you they have chosen the wrong person. As a reenactment sword fighter, you will develop quick reflexes, an effective blocking technique, a talent for thinking on your feet and the strength to deliver quite a blow.  All these skills can be developed and because of strict armor requirements, safety rules & regulations in these reenactment organizations, it is very rare that someone actually gets hurt. A couple of great organizations are the SCA and the Adrian Empire
My last reason to learn sword fighting is in case of an epic disaster or even civil unrest in your neighborhood or city. We have all seen the videos. Whenever there is any disruption to everyday life, there are those who are ready to take advantage of the situation. They are ready to riot, loot, and even kill to get what they want. Learn sword fighting, develop those skills, and if you find yourself in a violent confrontation you can use your cane or pick up a big stick and have a fighting chance. 
The bigger disasters will also require self defense because there are always evil people who love chaos. Hurricane Katrina is an example. The city and state government was not ready to deal with a large scale disaster. Hundreds died because response was late and weak. People were hustled into sports facilities and a convention center in buses. There was rioting, rape and murder.  FEMA did very little to help those people, so don't sit back hoping the government will rescue you. Learn self defense. Set aside plenty of storage food, but more important than that, store up water, water, and more water. The last thing you want is to lay there dying of thirst in the aftermath of a large earthquake, tornado or flood when storing up water would have been so easy.  

Civil Unrest and Large Scale Disaster

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