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The Auroras

The Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights appear in the far north. People in countries like Iceland, Denmark, and Canada can enjoy this amazing phenomenon.  Did you know that folks in the Southern hemisphere enjoy the Southern Lights, called the Aurora Australis?
Take a break from the doom and gloom of our Solar Storm and EMP pages. Relax, kick back, grab a nice tall glass of whatever chills you out and watch the beautiful videos below.
Click on the videos below to enjoy the natural light show called the Auroras. 
In our novel, Mountain Realm, a group of reenactors dressed in medieval garb are enjoying a night of song, dance and stories by the campfire when the Northern Lights appear over their campground in the mountains of New Mexico. The "medieval" crowd is perplexed and mesmerized. Music slows and dancers pause. Most of them have never seen the Northern Lights. They have no idea why it is happening so far south. They have no clue that their lives have changed forever.

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