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Solar Storms, EMP's & the Auroras

-  Welcome to the New Medieval Era  -

"One day, you're enjoying the comforts of life, the next everything is different. Civilization as you know it would be gone. An electromagnetic pulse would destroy all electronics and the transformers that power everything, anything with a on/off switch, your hot water heater, your refrigerator, your dialysis machine. Hospitals are closed, grocery shelves are empty. Most of the food you have at home is spoiled. Forget about your bank accounts, it doesn't matter. What you have in your hand is all you can access."   - Jeanine Pirro 

A solar storm could produce a strong EMP that would take out the electric infrastructure around the world and it would take years to build back. Most of us would be stuck in a big city with thousands of people who are running out of food & medicine. You couldn't even pump gas to get out of the city. Your car probably wouldn't work anyway. It would be chaos. 

People in small towns or remote places might do better, but they would need to work together to reboot their world without electricity. It would be their choice, tear each other up or plant some crops and start a medieval village.

In our book, Mountain Realm, a group of reenactors are holding a medieval event up on a mountain when a solar storm takes out the grid, their cell phones and all their vehicles. Do they have the skills to survive?

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