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Cattle Drives

Utah Cattle Drive - Special Episode
The American West  - The Cattle Trail
Matagorda Cattle Drive
(& Colorado River crossing)
Ancr - Life Hacks
Click on the videos below to learn about how modern cowboys drive cattle. 
Writing about a cattle drive was a real challenge for us city dwellers. We had to read books and watch videos to get an idea of what it is really like.  
Cattle drives began in America in the late 1800's. After the devastation of the Civil War, the South was a wasteland dotted with cattle, but in the North there was money. If they drove the cattle north, they could sell for a much higher price, so they did. 
Even in the 21st Century, ranchers still move cattle long distances to take them from pasture to pasture. What fascinates us is how casual these people are about the work they do. With experience, any job can seem everyday, but we are amazed at how they handle the cattle and the horses, the dust and most of all, the smell. Oh, the smell!
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