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Exterior View



Constructed with Bottles, Cans & Tires



Think of a ship on the ocean. The crew must have everything they need without depending on outside suppliers. They are alone on the ocean without a Costco or a Home Depot within a thousand miles. They must be able to store or gather the water they need and have a way to make sure it is clean. They need to cook, bathe, and maybe even grow their own food. The ship needs to generate electricity and regulate temperatures. 

Now imagine a self-sufficient "ship", not on the ocean but on the earth and you have an Earthship. The people at Earthship Biotecture imagined such a house and rose to the challenge. They created a completely self-sustaining home complete with conveniences like electricity, water, waste management, natural cooling and heat. Now it's possible to live without a utility bill in sight.

Interested? See the gallery below and then follow the links to find out how they do it.

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