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We know that a large EMP would take out the American electric grid, but for how long?
Recovery will take five years or more!
That estimate is buried in a report from the US government.
That's five years without a refrigerator, air conditioning or the Internet.
There will be no electricity whatsoever and the dot-gov people have admitted they won't be able to fix it for years. 
Without electricity gas pumps won't work, FEMA trucks won't bring food, the grocery stores will be empty,
and what little food you do have will be taken by a hungry, desperate person with a gun. 
Maybe because she just wants to feed her children.


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Phase Three: 
Rebooting our World
Phase One: 
Before the EMP
Phase Two: 
Back to the Medieval Era


We did a lot of research on EMP's and ended up writing an epic adventure. 

It's about a group of medieval reenactors who are camping on a mountain when an  EMP hits. Now they must use their medieval skills to survive.
Whether you're a history fan, a prepper, a permaculture enthusiast or just love a good adventure, you will enjoy...

Mountain Realm: Epic Adventure Sparked by the Sun

You may be surprised because it's a light read and may be a good way to introduce your reluctant family and friends to the realities of a post-EMP world. 

It is about gathering together in a time of crisis and coping by sharing knowledge and talents, but it isn't a prepper book and it isn't a zombie apocalypse.


It is an epic adventure. 

It's about groups of people defending together, fighting off evil and caring for others through self-sacrifice and true chivalry. 
They face difficult challenges and many don't make it, but the survivors begin to reboot their world using creativity, determination, invention and  innovation. 

Mountain Realm
Epic Adventure Sparked by the Sun

A group of medieval reenactors meet on a mountain for a campout. They hold full-scale battles, archery tournaments and competitions in ancient skills like weaving, brewing and natural medicine. 

A solar superstorm takes the grid out as well as everything with a computer chip. Their cell phones are dark, their vehicles disabled. Now they must use their medieval skills to survive!

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Off-Grid Living
Follow Maxine as she explores extreme off-grid living. 
Our 70 year old electric infrastructure is barely keeping together. In the near future, the grid will go down more often. This has already happened several times in Europe. Whether from deterioration, the schemes of a madman or from a solar flare, it will happen. The grid will go down, maybe for years.
Are you ready to live for years without electricity? 
Fascinating Stuff by Topic
While researching for their Epic Novel, the writing team at Mountain Realm found the very best videos on all kinds of Fascinating Stuff. Let's face it, there are literally millions of videos out there, but a few are just absolutely amazing. They sifted through a bunch of them for years while writing the novel and wanted to share the very best videos with you. 

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Our thanks to

George Noory, Jack Spirko , Paul Wheaton and Marjory Wildcraft 

for their inspiring work.

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