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Could EMP attack Send America
Back to 'Dark Ages'? [PART 1]
"Lights Out: The Danger to
US Power Grid" - The EMP Threat
EMP Bomb Threat Scenario

Electro Magnetic Pulse - EMP Attacks

The thought that a madman could detonate a bomb high in the air over your country and send you back to the barbaric middle ages should give you chills. 

In the event of a strong EMP, some people say that everything with a computer chip would be useless, all of our devices would be black. Anything that you have to plug in wouldn't work either. Your vehicle has computer chips, too, so you're not going anywhere. 

Image of a dark grid.
Click on the videos below to learn about the effects of an electro magnetic bomb. 
We have considered this and chosen the worst case scenario for our work of fiction, Mountain Realm. In the book, the electrical grid, all communications and all vehicles are wiped out by an EMP caused by a solar superstorm. Why? Because it's interesting to imagine what a bunch of Medieval Reenactors would do if all modern conveniences were suddenly gone, that's why.

Not that we want to trivialize the very real threat of an EMP event. We sincerely hope Mountain Realm will both educate and entertain. Our aim is to increase awareness without causing panic. We hope you enjoy the book & this site and maybe learn a few things along the way.

-   Welcome to the New Medieval Era   -
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