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Grid Failure

Over 70% of the electric lines and transformers in America are more than 25 years old. The power plants are even older than that. The grid was created in the mid 20th century, then added to, fixed up, expanded and patched together to create the frankenstein system we have today. Almost Every Thing is dependent on that grid-based electrical flow, but that old grid system will never, ever stand up against the planet change events that are just beginning. Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, even volcanic eruptions are on the rise and, according to some scientists, will only get worse in the next 20 years. Failures have already been multiplying, but it is going to get progressively worse as planet change excelerates. Then there will be be a complete and devasting grid failure, you can bet on it. The old electric grid is going down.

Get it and get ready. 

All that will be due to planet change, but there is also a very real threat from terrorists. I am convinced that an EMP bomb will  explode over the United States and take the grid out. America has too many enemies and one of them will do it. It may be a madman in North Korea or someone who speaks Chinese, a jihadist oil sultan or maybe an ambitious Russian, but it will happen. Let’s get that straight. Someone will take down the US electric grid. It's going to happen.

Get it and get ready. 

It could happen today, tomorrow or next week. It could happen next month or next year… who knows? But it will definitely happen. The USA is a juicy piece of fully ripened fruit hanging low on the world’s tree and someone will pluck it – for the glory, for the fame or because they want the land. 

Are you ready to live completely and utterly without electricity for years?

We urge you to get ready to live in an extreme off-grid situation, with no electricity whatsoever, for an extended period of time. Even solar power does not survive a strong EMP. Right now we have a chance to learn extreme off-grid skills. When the Internet goes down, it will be too late.


Explore the research gallery below to learn more about getting ready for a complete and universal grid failure. You could also follow Dan and Maxine as they leave the city and reboot their lives off-grid. Check out the Off-Grid Reboot Blog.

Grid - Dark.jpg


Phase 1 Gallery


Phase one is getting ready. We are living in phase one right now, with endless opportunities to learn how to live without an electric grid. If you still think FEMA is going to come to the rescue during complete grid failure, think again. Buried in this government report is the real truth. It could take three full years to get the grid back up after complete grid failure. It is estimated that 90% of the US population would die in the first year.

Get it and get ready. 

We have hand-picked some great videos to help you get started.

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Phase 2 Gallery

We've all seen the apocalyptic movies so we know the chaos that will reign in the first weeks.  Without electricity to pump water, the sewer sytem will fail and in some neighborhoods, water will stop flowing to your kitchen sink within a day.  Without electricity to pump gas, FEMA trucks will not be able to bring more water and people will start to die of thirst within a week. Even if your cell phone still worked, calling 911 is useless - no ambulance will come to the rescue without fuel and firetrucks will stop. Unrestrained fires willl sweep the cities, starvation and disease will take millions. 

First, the return of the Wild West

Out in the country people will go back to riding horses, drinking from rivers and growing their own food.  Let's get one thing straight, after the EMP whoever has ammunition will dominate. Violent, savage outlaws will form gangs and roam the land in year 1 & 2, killing and taking what they want. It will be the Wild West again. Smart people will team up for self-defense and they might even hire a sheriff.

Then, A New Medieval Era...

Eventually, maybe in year 2 after complete grid failure, ammunition will start to run out. Sure, there will be gigantic caches of ammo that some people are saving up right now, but in many locations bullets will become scarce. At some point people who still have ammunition will be saving it carefully for hunting wild game to fill their stomachs. Some people will know how to make gunpowder and reload bullets. They will buy the equipment now and learn how to do that ahead of time.


Most people will not be able to make bullets so they will make knives, swords & spears out of metal. They will craft armor for self-defense. Then they'll figure out how to make and use crossbows & bolts, longbows & arrows, maybe even catapults.  These people will enter the New Medieval Era. 

...and back to village life

Folks will trade what they've got for what they need. Medieval-type villages will form and people will start little shops. Some will know how to make medicine from plants, others will make essential items to trade - soap, toothpaste, shampoo. They'll raise sheep and goats for the wool, which will be spun into yarn and knitted into sweaters to be traded. Someone will make simple shoes like moccasins and sandals. Someone else will have beehives and sell honey. They'll make candles from the wax. A new currency will arise, probably based on gold and silver coins.

Sure, there will still be guns in some areas, but it does clarify things to think of it as a return to medieval life. Right now we have a chance to learn these Medieval skills. Weapon making, combat skills, spinning wool, knitting, leather working, bee keeping, natural medicine and even brewing. Pick your medieval skill and learn it now, because that's what you will be doing when the grid goes down for years. Click through the Phase 2 research gallery below to get started. 

Phase 2 Research Gallery - A New Medieval Era


Phase 3 Gallery

OPTION 1 - Same Old Thing


Finally, the Powers-That-Be will want to set up another giant electric grid, restart the huge corporate pesticide-laden GMO farms, grow chickens in warehouses and centralize the population into controllable masses by giving us all gray cubicle jobs... again. They will want to set up huge utilities that control water, power and communications.... again.  The government types will want to make lots of rules and regulations to protect those corporatiuons and limit evey detail of how we live. Then they'll want to charge huge amounts of money for all that so we are stuck in our gray cubicles giving our precious lives to gigantic worldwide corporations... again. We'll be right back where we started, unhappy slaves to giant corporate and government structures sucking profits from our lives. That is, if we let them do that. 

OPTION 2 - Reboot Our World, Smarter this Time

Or we can decide right here and right now that this foolishness will never happen again when we reboot our world. We can choose to gather power from the sun and the wind, rivers and tides. Food can be grown on a local farm owned by a family. Chickens can roam around in pastures or in our own backyards.  Each house could collect rain water, filter it and reuse the wash water in victory gardens. This technology already exists, but there are rules against that. We are forced, instead, to pay giant utility corporations more and more money. 


After the EMP, when we reboot our world, the choice will be ours. Rules & regs in a profit-driven tyranny or freedom, innovation and sustainability. 

Phase 3 Research Gallery - The Smart Reboot
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